Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Closed park anger

Stottington Leader: Dog walkers annoyed after park is closed due to bulding work next door

Second from left is about to spontaneously combust

Spotter's Badge: Rob, Dr Professor Sir Awesome

Pavement anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Local street DESTROYED by theft of paving slabs

You are Professor Brian Cox and I claim my five pounds

Spotter's Badge: Karen

Smashed car anger

Essex Chronicle: Council gritter wrecked my Merc, says councillor

It'll buff out.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Monday, March 02, 2015

Bus driver toilet anger

Stuff.nz: Cafe owner sick of cleaning toilets after bus drivers

Do bus drivers have worse personal habits than the rest of humanity? We need to be told.

Spotter's Badge: Geoffrey

Renewable energy anger

Abingdon Herald: Tempers running high over planned hydro power scheme

If only they could bottle that anger, they'd keep the lights on in Abingdon for months.

Spotter's Badge: Jonathan

Lamp post holes anger

Cambridge News: Residents OUTRAGED that holes have been dug for new lamp posts

Tell you what, we'll look into this and do your street last.

Spotter's Badge: Kate

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Bus shelter anger

Birmingham Mail: Fronts chopped off bus shelters so passing drivers can see the adverts

Well played everybody. Well played.

Society's doomed, isn't it?

Spotter's Badge: Mike

Thrown off the bus anger

Eastern Daily Press: Girl, 12, thrown off bus because driver didn't have any change

The happy, smiling face of a children's entertainer, there. All hope ground into the dust as another brat, hyped up on Sunny D and ice cream, punches him in the trouser parts. I'm on his side.

Spotter's Badge: Dave, Masterblaster on B3TA

Dog egg Womble anger

Cambridge News: Man collects 40 bags of dog poo

That's impressive, but not as impressive as this pair.

Spotter's Badge: Kate

Saturday, February 28, 2015

War memorial anger

Brentwood Gazette: Council slammed for removing 'tatty' wreaths

Man, that's a none-more-black outfit he's wearing. None more black.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Feeding the birds anger

Eastern Daily Press: Couple warned of eviction over bird feeding

Complete over-reaction by the housing association, but when you buy bird food by the 50kg sack, you might be overdoing it a bit.

Perfect phone reception anger

Windsor Express: Residents don't want a phone mast near their homes


Spotter's Badge: Rob A

Friday, February 27, 2015

Life on Mars anger

Hull Daily Mail: Taxi driver not selected to go to Mars

And bang goes her chance for the biggest single fare in the galaxy

Spotter's Badge: Ian

Shopping centre toilets are so dirty I'm cleaning them myself anger

Knox Leader: Holy crap, I hope I'm never that desperate to see a clean toilet

...and he looks like he accidentally ate one of those blue toilet cakes.

Let's hear it for STRAYA, everybody!

Spotter's Badge: Rob J

Mouldy beans anger

Bolton News: Me beans went off

Marvellous gurning for the camera

Spotter's Badge: Tim, Karen