Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dog poo detective anger

Colchester Gazette: Man turns crap detective to stop dogs leaving mess on his grass verge

It's not dogs, mate.

Snake skin anger

Sunshine Coast Daily: Woman not taking the news that workmen have found 20 snake skins in the ceiling of her home very well at all

Velma from Scooby Doo has aged well, don't you think?

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Bailiff con anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Warning to business owners as scam attempt is foiled

In this post-Bowie era, I approve of the name. But I cannot approve of the lilac Comic Sans. Sort it out, Danni.

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Equipment theft anger

Coventry Telegraph: Tree surgery company could fold as thieves steal their tools

That's a proper good hi-viz "We're gonna shit you up" pose. Hope you get back in business. After shitting up the culprits*.

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*Through the correct legal processes. Shitting people up is bad, m'kay?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Carrier bag tax anger

Metro: Man charged 5p carrier bag fee despite only filling his car up with petrol

And how - pray - is he going to carry that petrol home?

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Enivronmental campaigner anger

Bolton News: Environmental campaigner suspended on the first day of his new job promoting environmental issue for Bolton Council for criticising Bolton Council's environmental policies in the Bolton News

To be perfectly honest, he hasn't helped his case much by wading into the comments on this story. Or being in the story in the first place.

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Rubbish tip fire anger

DNA India: Campaigners want authorities to douse fire at rubbish tip

"Listen to our vice"

OK then, let's hear it.

No, YOU'RE an idiot.

Sinking land anger

Dundee Evening Telegraph: Land near homes begins to collapse

If you know your classics (Star Trek IV), you'll know it's simply the imprint left by a cloaked Klingon spacecraft.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

The dead have human rights too anger

Birmingham Mail: History buffs banned from taking photos of graves

Zombie Invasion. One of the undead shambles up to the Birmingham City Council offices. "Exssssscusssse me, I wisssssh to complain about my graaaaaave appearing on a hobby webssssssite in a flagraaant violation of my privaccccccy. Also: Braaaaaainssssss"

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Even more school uniform anger

Hull Daily Mail: Girl sent home from school because her tie is too short

In fact, she has an unfeasibly large neck.

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School building site vandalism

Surrey Mirror: Vandals smash windows at local school

Probably somebody jealous that the kids get lessons in a freakin' fork lift truck

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Rat in our shopping anger

Essex Chronicle: Family finds live rat in their Tesco delivery

The dog is so far off-message you begin to wonder if he planned the whole thing himself

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spoiled meat anger

Harrow Times: Man sues Lidl after being "forced" to wait an extra hour for store to open on a hot morning, meaning his previously purchased meat went off in the sun

I have every sympathy for... what? He's an estate agent? Tough luck, sunshine.

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Cannabis fine anger

Hull Daily Mail: Couple may lose home as they are unable to pay £9,540 fine for growing cannabis in their attic

There are rights and wrongs about growing medicinal cannabis for personal use. But get a load of the "Who? Me?" pose.

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Cereal addiction anger

Worcester News: Man seeks help for his 13-a-day cereal habit

I dare say it's actually the sackload of sugar he's getting through every week to which he's addicted

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